Impact Stories from READY Skills Trainers

Skills Trainer, NATASHA

Skills Trainer, NATASHA

Q & A Why do you want to be a skills trainer? “I am a people person and like working with everybody. I just like helping…you see a need and you fill a need.” What are you looking forward to? “The end result and each individual I’m working with seeing them achieve...

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Skills Trainer, PAM

Skills Trainer, PAM

Q & A Why do you want to be a skills trainer? “I want to help and serve in an area that can appreciate it. It really speaks to my heart.” What experience do you have? “I did a lot of substitute teaching in Special education, any my next door neighbor had...

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Skills Trainer, SAM

Skills Trainer, SAM

Q & A Why do you want to be a skills trainer? - “It’s already up my alley with supporting my daughter. I have a passion for social work. I want to be and advocate for those with disabilities. It’s a community I’m already in and love.” What are you looking forward...

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Benefits of having a Skills Trainer

You have a person on the job with you

You have someone to help breakdown tasks, and to easily ask questions

You have someone to help provide any needed accommodations

You have someone looking out for you and your needs

You are supported as needed, and given space to be independent

You are treated as capable

Graduation Slideshow Video by Jennifer Brown

Stories from READY Participants

Chris F. – Wynne Ford

"The people are actually nice here. The manager gives me a fist bump every time he comes out!" What got you interested in cars? "I've always liked cars and started riding 4 wheelers at four years old." What's your favorite thing about working here? "I get to drive brand new cars, and work on...

Jasmine J. – Peake Childcare Center

“I love working at Peake. All the kids like me! It took me one day for the kids in the Wiggly Worms to like me, and a day for the children in the other two classrooms I work in to like me. Now they all love me, and I love them! I enjoy reading to them, playing games, and talking to them! Community...

Kadriana S. – Scratch Bakery

I like working at Scratch Bakery, and everyone has been nice. They showed me how to ice cupcakes on my first day! I enjoy baking everything from cupcakes to cakes and learning new things! I like taking customer orders and speaking with customers! Scratch Bakery has helped me think about what I...