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February 27, 2019 High school teams engineer, manufacture competition-ready robots: Community Knights has given thousands of dollars to teams as part of its grant-giving program….read more at

February 4, 2019 Round Robin Video Series City of Hampton Virginia

January 15, 2019 Students visit New York for cultural field trip: The trip was funded with grant funds from the Community Knights Grant Program.

August 12, 2018 Women: Changing the world. One vote at a time, Jennifer Brown one of the founders of Community Knights featured with other women in Hampton Roads.. Read More at

June 30, 2018 The Daily Press covered Community Knights, Inc.1 Million dollar milestone in June with its latest round of grants through its GIFT — Grant Initiative Fundraising Team — program.. Read More at

December 7, 2017 Community Knights use bingo to help local causes Read More at

November 16, 2017 Jones Middle School Planetarium in Hampton renovates and revamps with Grants from Community Knights GIFT Program… Read More at

October 9, 2017 We are proud to see our impact gaining energy as the Daily Press has issued an article covering the $100k+ in GIFT Grants we were able to issue this past month to local schools and nonprofits across the Peninsula. Read More at

Community Knights fund over $100k in GIFT Grants.


August 2017 Hampton City’s Round Robin host, Robin McCormick, invites Community Knights to share their story of regional impact through their non-profit in a 16 minute interview with CEO, Jennifer Brown and CFO, Teresa Michener.

June 2016 Community Knights awards more grants for Hampton City Schools

March 2016 Community Knights awards $10,550 in grants to Phoebus High School clubs and PTSA

March 30, 2016 Hampton City Schools School Board Meeting
Community Knights highlighted at minute 6