Currently accepting applications for the COACH Program.



Provide volunteer opportunities within the non-profit community for adults who have developmental and/or intellectual disabilities.


Limited access to flexible transportation

Require more training and support to become independent in their roles as volunteers


More inclusive community which is able to benefit from the gifts and skills of these individuals

Helps individual develop work skills and soft skills, as well as improve self-confidence and self-esteem

Provides a larger volunteer base for the non-profit community and a higher overall level of community engagement

Individuals providing volunteer coaching will gain knowledge of opportunities within the field of competitive employment for individuals with disabilities

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Program's Mechanics:

Work with stakeholders who are familiar with providing employment support services to assist in job coach training for volunteer base to work with citizens with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Form explorative committees within our GIFT participating non-profits and out in the community to find non-profits who would like to expand their volunteer base through this program.

Stay rooted in person-centered planning to successfully match individuals with disabilities who want to volunteer with coaches and find good fits for them in volunteer positions in the community.

Start small and grow