Volunteer for Community Knights!


Why Volunteer?

$ Invested into Community

# of Grants Awarded

# of Non-Profits Partcipating

# of Community-based Volunteers

Goals of the Community Knights Volunteer Team

Build a diverse team of Community Based Volunteers to work large scale fundraisers in the community that fund a quarterly grant pool which funds programs that enhance and improve the community of the Virginia Peninsula.

Create a volunteer force to raise 1 million dollars a year that will be invested in local 501(c)3 and public school projects and programs that directly benefit the citizen of the Virginia Peninsula.

Why should you volunteer?

  • Building relationships with a diverse group of people from all over the Virginia Peninsula.
  • Development of multiple skill sets as you receive training in many areas as you work with-in the fundraisers.
  • The joy of working with other individuals who have a positive outlook and dedication to investing in the local community. (We always have a great time!)

Administration Opportunities

  • Admin Volunteer Activities
  • Assisting with basic back office tasks such as data entry and filing
  • Running errands
  • Moving records in and out of storage areas
  • Preparing materials for promotional events
  • Assist with inventory

Promotional Activities

  • Setting up and manning a table at a local event and sharing with people about opportunities within Community Knights (both volunteer and for local 501(c)3s and public school groups)
  • Assisting with scheduling promotional events
  • Providing feedback to Community Knights’ staff on promotional events and suggestions on how to improve them.

Fundraising Events

  • Community Bingo Night
  • Local Booths & Festivals

Volunteer for Community Knights