2023 Fall Grant Request Due Oct 31st








To join the GIFT program and begin requesting Grant Funding for your School or Non-Profit Organization, begin by submitting a program application online. We are not currently accepting new groups, but you can still fill out the application. We will be in touch when we are open to adding new GIFT Groups. If accepted you will be contacted with next steps to be eligible to apply for grants.  Already a Member? Login to request and manage grants.


To provide networking and collaboration opportunities for Nonprofit and School programs to share knowledge of resources available. “We rise together – We fall together.”

To provide grant funding opportunities to underfunded Nonprofit and Public School groups for after-hours music, arts, sports, and academic programs within our community.


Networking opportunities with other Nonprofit and school programs on the Virginia Peninsula.

Involvement in our Committee programs which aim to elevate each member with opportunity growth in the areas of Marketing, Networking, Community Outreach, Volunteer Recruitment and Retention, and Volunteer Discovery and Databasing.

Ability to apply for grants 3x a year to help fund your organizations programs, and special projects.

Be part of making AMAZING THINGS HAPPEN with the GIFT Program on the PENINSULA.

$ Invested into Community

# of Grants Awarded

# of Non-Profits Partcipating

# of Hours Volunteered

Program Application Eligibility:

Be a 501c3 or Public School Organization.

Use grant funds on the Virginia Peninsula and fiduciary tracking of all awards.

Have a willingness to foster community Collaboration through joining a committee meeting once a month.

GIFT Application Process:

Submit application online to be considered to join the GIFT Program

Attend Orientation to learn about program procedures and benefits, read through the GIFT Program manual, and sign off that you agree to follow procedures.

Select your Committee to participate in 1x monthly networking meetings.

Once accepted into the program you can apply for grants in the Spring, Summer and Fall. The process is the same each grant cycle. Below is the GIFT Program grant timeline:


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Learn how your Virginia Peninsula Non-Profit or School Organization can benefit from the GIFT program.