Give a Ride

Join our community of monthly donors giving free rides to people with disabilities on the Peninsula.

Our mission is to create a truly inclusive community so that all VA Peninsula residents with disabilities and vulnerable populations have access to transportation, access to services they need, access to independence, and access to engagement. Every person should be included in our community. You can bet that your support will make a difference! $10, $20, $200 – add it up and you get thousands of impacted individuals. How often do you use your car in a month? What would you do if you didn’t have a ride? Do you want to make a difference? You just found the best way there is. This incredible opportunity is composed of generous, passionate, and determined people—like you. You are giving the best gift you can, and that is to tell someone they matter.

1 in 4 VA residents has a disability

Every month you make it possible for people with disabilities to be treated as capable, and given the opportunity to be included and independent. You help provide a voice, gain confidence, and develop new skills. 

Transportation = Freedom

Every month YOU make it possible for vulnerable populations like the disabled, elderly, youth, and those with economic support needs, to receive transportation and access to the community. This is access to life sustaining services, access to have the ability to work, access to volunteer opportunities, and access to creating community and friendships.

Your Impact Matters

Your monthly impact grows into greater annual impact. You have the ability to increase, decrease, or stop monthly gifts at any time through your donor portal or by contacting CK.

Sponsor a Ride

Become a Community Impact Partner today by selecting monthly donations. Recurring monthly donations allow us to have a steady and reliable stream of revenue to serve the vulnerable populations like the disabled, and support the public school and nonprofit community on the Peninsula. We impact thousands of residents every year, and we need your help to continue serving the Peninsula. You will receive updates throughout the year illustrating how your support is making a difference!