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For Students to participate they must already be registered. To register apply at DARS.


Provide work experience opportunities in our community to DARS Eligible High School Students who have developmental or intellectual disabilities.


  • Limited access to safe transportation
  • Finding meaningful employment opportunities
  • Require more training and support to become independent on their own as employees.
  • Workplaces need to understand the need and be able to provide accommodations, so the employee can have access serve the community.


  • More inclusive community which is able to benefit from these highly capable individuals
  • Helps individual develop work skills and soft skills, as well as improve self confidence through developing working relationships
  • Provides a larger employment base for the community
  • Individuals providing Skills Training will gain knowledge of employment opportunities, be provided with Disability Awareness training, and will learn how to create accommodations in a concrete way.
  • Full community inclusion by giving disability training to Job sites

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Program's Mechanics:

Work with stakeholders who are familiar with providing employment support services to assist in Skills training for employment base to work with High Schoolers with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Create relationships with High Schools within the community to find students with disabilities who want work experience, and connect them with employers who would like to expand their employee base through this program.

Stay rooted in person-centered planning to successfully match individuals with disabilities who want to work with Skills Trainers and find good fits for them in Employment positions in the community.

Start small and grow