Unlocking Access for
Vulnerable Populations

Imagine life without the freedom to drive, the independence it brings, and the opportunities it unlocks. For many vulnerable members of our community, this is a reality they face every day.

We believe transportation is the key to unlocking a world of possibilities. It’s the bridge to employment, access to vital services, and the chance to live life to its fullest. Our nonprofit partners and school groups are also in dire need of transportation support to achieve the goals of their organizations and provide essential services. This is where you come in; you can be the change that transforms lives! Because without this access, individuals risk being left behind.

Challenges in Current Transportation

Current public transportation options are far from equitable, failing to meet the needs of our vulnerable populations including the disabled, elderly, and youth. Research shows that what might take 12 minutes by car can turn into a 1-2 hour ordeal by bus. Imagine the challenge if you struggle to reach a bus stop or navigate the route. We believe there’s a better way.

Our Innovative Solution

Introducing our Knight Rides program, a groundbreaking initiative developed in partnership with the Olin College of Engineering. Together, we’re building an app for Community Knights that will connect Volunteer-Based drivers with those who need them most. This app will revolutionize the way we approach transportation for vulnerable populations. The app will be 4 pronged and have a passenger, driver, caregiver, and organization portals.

Safety is Our Priority

Just like popular rideshare services revolutionized transportation for everyday residents, our app will provide riders with essential information about their driver, the vehicle, and pick-up time. But we go further. Safety is our utmost priority. Every driver undergoes thorough background checks, vetting, receives disability training, and is tracked via GPS. We’re committed to ensuring a secure and reliable experience for everyone involved.


Volunteer Drivers – Make every Mile count

We’re redefining what your daily commute can mean. Imagine turning your routine drive into a powerful force for good. We believe that every mile you travel can be a step towards breaking down transportation barriers for vulnerable populations. Join our team of Volunteer Drivers and turn your routine into something extraordinary. Your daily drive becomes a lifeline for someone else’s dreams and aspirations, or obtaining vital services.

Donors: Fueling the Movement

Behind every successful ride is your support. Donors like you are the fuel that powers our movement. Your contributions help us expand our reach, improve our technology, and ensure no one is left behind due to transportation limitations. Join us in driving change from the heart.

Cassie Brown

Program Development Director

Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from Olin College of Engineering

Contact Cassie about Knight Rides.