Meeting the needs of the Virginia Peninsula with people just like you!

Community Knights is a local 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to identifying and meeting the needs of small local nonprofits and public schools, as well as the populations they serve, through inclusive and collaborative ways.  Through our innovative GIFT and COACH programs, we specialize in finding and investing in service-gaps for underserved populations on the Virginia Peninsula. We look forward to supporting and educating startup organizations who care about our community with the development of a non-profit incubator, in the coming future.

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…in our Public School & Non- Profit Communities.

We invest in our community through time, money, and resources. The GIFT program contributes with grants awarded to public schools and non-profits. The COACH program provides job coaching support for volunteers with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Soon our non-profit incubator, ALIGN, will serve as a resource for civic minded groups to give back.


…within and between the Public School & Non-Profit Communities.

As a community, we rise and fall together. We want our community working side by side with a diverse group of neighbors who have the same love of our community and the same hopes and dreams for their children. We are achieving this by having individuals volunteer together and work together from all over the community.


…of people from all walks of life on the Virginia Peninsula.

People from all walks of life live in our little corner of the world and each and every one of them deserves to be respected, seen as equals, and genuinely included in all aspects of community life. We promote a truly inclusive community on the Virginia Peninsula through our COACH and GIFT programs.