I like working at Scratch Bakery, and everyone has been nice. They showed me how to ice cupcakes on my first day! I enjoy baking everything from cupcakes to cakes and learning new things! I like taking customer orders and speaking with customers! Scratch Bakery has helped me think about what I want to do in the future. I want to be a caterer and help my mom with her business.

Community Knights helped my brother work at Bluebird Gap Farm, and I wanted a job too! They listened to what I wanted to do and made it happen! I felt more comfortable telling them what I like to do and what kind of dream job I would enjoy doing! When Community Knights got me into the bakery, I was happy! I asked my parents if I could get a job on my own. My mom told me to wait, and I’m glad I did! If I tried alone, I probably wouldn’t get the same help and learn about working in a bakery.