The Challenge

“Community Knights is committed to identifying the needs of small local nonprofit and public school organizations as well as the populations they serve and finding innovative ways to help them meet these needs collaboratively. We are also dedicated to identifying service gaps for populations within our community and, through inclusive programming, transform the Peninsula into a truly inclusive community.”

The Solution

  • Remove barriers to engagement for Adults with Disabilities
  • Provide connection opportunities and accommodations to increase Soft Skills
  • Provide avenues for fundraising to ensure long term sustainability for developing non-profits and school systems
  • Provide training to improve funding opportunities & Disability inclusion education
  • Provide networking & collaboration opportunities for non-profits
  • Steward volunteerism within the nonprofit and public school systems

Be part of making AMAZING THINGS HAPPEN with the GIFT Program on the PENINSULA.

$ Invested into Community

# of Grants Awarded

# of Non-Profits Partcipating

# of Hours Volunteered

Participate in one of our 2  Programs


Grant Initiative Fundraising Team

Identifying service gaps for populations within our community and, through GIFT grant, fill many underfunded after-hours music and arts, sports, and academic programs within our community. 

The GIFT Program has become our Community Giving Club, where groups benefit from funding opportunities and more importantly collaborate to share their gifts and talents with other groups. To receive a grant from this program, Project(s)/Program(s) which funds are requested for must directly benefit the citizens of the Virginia Peninsula of Hampton Roads. Also, your organization must be a 501(c)3 or public school organization or other non-profit organization that the Board deems a community benefit.

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Creating Opportunities to Advance Capable Hands

Supporting and including adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in our community through facilitating access to volunteer opportunities by providing site coaching services.

The benefits of this program are creating a more inclusive community which is able to benefit from the gifts and skills of these individuals, who are typically over looked and marginalized in communities.  Additionally, this program helps these individuals develop skills and soft skills, as well as improve self-confidence and self-esteem so they can be more active and productive in our community. Barriers to engagement are removed and volunteer participants learn to use their voice to advocate for their needs. Coaches who volunteer alongside participants also grow their skills and gain experience providing accommodations to adults with disabilities. They both grow individually and together as friendships bloom.

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