When people hear the word investment, they usually associate it with financial resources, however we can also invest our time. Community Knights has increased financial and time investments in public school and non-profit organizations in the community though our GIFT program.  These investments will be deepened when our COACH and ALIGN programs are launched.

Our GIFT program engages members of the community at the grassroots level through direct hands on efforts that fund grants to public school and non-profit organizations. This provides a system through which funds awarded can be used to invest and support the community.  The COACH program will provide job coaching supports for individuals who have intellectual and developmental disabilities who want to give back to their community through volunteering.  The ALIGN program is designed to identify service gaps within the non-profit sector on the Virginia Peninsula and work collaboratively with key stakeholders to support and nurture the development of new non-profit organizations.

Who Benefits?

Virginia Peninsula


Young Adults

School Age Children

How are we growing?


A key component of the GIFT program is increasing community engagement both within the fundraising arm, and throughout all GIFT participating organizations. This program granted over $1 million to non-profit and school organizations on the Virginia Peninsula in the first five years of its existence.

Through our GIFT program we want to see an increase in resources coming into our community.  Grants are awarded to our GIFT participants because of positive impact to citizens of the Virginia Peninsula, collaboration with other non-profit and public school organizations, and participation within Community Knights.  The local organizations we work with are tasked to be fiscally responsible by providing documentation of how GIFT grants will be spent.  GIFT Grant closeouts require financial documentation of how funds were spent and completed impact data as well as impact stories.


The COACH program is intended to not only increase volunteerism in the local community, but to also support individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities in the community.  These individuals are not usually given such opportunities, but when included, will lead to a win-win situation for residents of the Virginia Peninsula.

The ALIGN program will work strategically to increase investment in the non-profit sector by helping establish non-profit organizations to fill critical service gaps on the Virginia Peninsula. Community Knights will be assisting through the availability of collaborative office space, leadership training and mentorship to give a boost to new non-profits serving the community.


In the first five years of operation, Community Knights met its goal to invest over $1 million dollars in Virginia Peninsula non-profits and public school organizations. Moving forward, the organization will continue to grow this program to meet the goal of investing $500,000 a year in grants through the GIFT program with the support of community volunteers.

The COACH program will be launched by early 2019, helping to support adults with disabilities so they can fill much needed volunteer positions while getting the satisfaction of being able to contribute to their community. The goal is to have 25 adults volunteering with support in the non-profit community within the first year of the program’s operation.