Housing Development Corporation of Hampton Roads

HDCofHR is in the business of "REBUILDING LIVES ONE HOME AT A TIME."

Housing’s role in supporting positive outcomes makes it a critical investment for the country’s future and more specifically, for the Peninsula’s future.

Housing Development Corporation of Hampton Roads (HDCofHR) exists to provide quality, affordable housing opportunities in safe neighborhoods to low-income individuals and families, the homeless and disabled. In identifying housing to be acquired and rehabbed, HDCofHR is

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Sisterr David Ann Niski
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Housing Development of Corporation of Hampton Roads (HDCofHR) owns and rents to low-income individuals and families and the formerly homeless, who are engaged in nonprofit and/or government programs, a 13-unit apartment building, a duplex and 12 houses. HDCofHR prides itself on providing quality, affordable housing. Homeowners understand that there is frequently the need for minor repairs, major repairs, the replacement of an appliance and the like all of which must be paid for. Donations are used to cover these types of expenses so that HDCofHR's housing remains quality housing.

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