Sometimes people need a helping hand, and THRIVE Peninsula has been successfully extending their arms to the Hampton Roads area for over forty years! Their organization provides an array of educational and economic assistance to members of the community who are in difficult situations. With support from both Community Knights and other organizations, THRIVE has been able to offer food, finance support, job prep and so much more to a growing amount of individuals looking to empower their lives once again.

While it’s beginnings go back to the 1970s, the name THRIVE Peninsula had only been adopted since 2013. The actual facilities of the THRIVE building include an impressive emergency food assistance pantry where families on average are given about 11 days worth of food per service. They also have on hand various first born baby gift baskets, office supplies, and flyers with resources of where free meals are in the area (broken down between each Hampton Roads sub area) However, their services to the community also lie in their ability to empower community members through financial mentorship and budgeting assistance. The assistance and support poured into the peninsula by THRIVE and its countless volunteers are done not to help you live, but to help you thrive. There’s a huge difference, and its effects are seen in the lives they had changed.

The pantry within THRIVE’s facilities

We had the privilege of meeting a recent recipient of support from THRIVE living in the Newport News area. She said “I’d gone to this place for financial support, getting help with making a finance plan and stuff so I can start saving money. And then they let me take home groceries to my family, which is God’s blessing.” She further explained that this act of kindness is what gave her hope during times in crisis, and she believed it to be a sign of good things coming. “It feels like I can get back up on my feet again”. The volunteers and staff that primarily make up the THRIVE team, including their Executive Director Angela York, radiate positivity and dedication to giving back to their community as soon as you walk through the main doors. Their passion leaves their tasks and projects always done at 100%, and with incredible community satisfaction and gratitude.

Greetings from the front office!

One of the baby baskets, held by the Executive Director.

Leading the way to educating and empowering those in need, THRIVE Peninsula continues to inspire us with its volunteer-based, truly good-hearted, and incredibly valuable program to help our own neighborhoods in Hampton Roads. Community Knights promotes the power of volunteerism and involvement, and this organization is one of many that we are proud to support.