On January 27th through 29th, Made For More, Inc. hosted a Youth Leadership Retreat for 32 Newport News students at Watermarks Camp in Scottsville, Virginia.  The theme for the Camp was “Answering the Call” and was designed to equip youth who have demonstrated leadership ability with the skills needed to become change agents in their communities and global change makers.  After participating in workshops such as Growth Mindset, 8 To Be Great, Emotional Intelligence and Communication Strategies for Leaders, the group decided to form action teams that focused on mental health, violence and community engagement/representation. Following the Retreat, the young people elected to continue building out their action plans and to connect with other young people and community members to raise education and awareness in their respective areas. Congratulations to this awesome group of young people that were selected to not only attend the camp but were empowered to make a difference in their communities!

Community Knights is proud to support the mission of Made For More, Inc. through GIFT program grants.
Their mission is to provoke greatness in at-risk youth and young adults. Made For More is committed to providing opportunities, support and resources that produce empowerment through academic excellence, emotional fortitude, civic consciousness and cultural competence for the purposes of living an abundant life. To learn more about Made For More, Inc. visit www.iammade4more.org.