Every school has a Parent-Teacher Association. Many people have no idea what they do for their community or their kids other than send out the occasional newsletter home. Meet the Denbigh High School PTA/PTSA, consisting of a handful of parents who saw a need in their children’s school lives, and decided to do something about it.  

PTA is normally responsible for putting on After Prom, an event put on by many high schools in order to provide students with a safe environment to celebrate Prom at after the actual dance. These parents, however, went above and beyond this year and had Denbigh High’s After Prom at Rebounderz. Student Kaleigh (‘18) explained that the student body had requested the party be hosted at the infamous indoor trampoline park. Through the collaboration of involved parents and support from Community Knights, PTA delivered.

All Seniors, even those who did not attend Prom, were invited to come to the celebration. The party also featured raffles for things like flat screen tv’s and mini fridges, as well as a bumpin’ DJ and tons of food. PTA Member Ericka Mares explained that no one would be turned away, and that this was the most successful After Prom they’d ever had since revamping the association about three years ago. “This is our third year as an organization, and it’s our first year holding After Prom somewhere like this. Last year, we had twenty-five students attend. This year we’re looking at about a hundred and forty-six kids. It’s the most we’ve ever had.” (Ericka Mares)

This organization has worked tirelessly to better the lives of Denbigh High School’s students, and their endeavors have not gone unrecognized by students. Their other projects have included buying proper shoewear for the wrestling team, organizing two scholarships, and feeding faculty members in efforts to appreciate their dedication to the betterment of learning in the classroom. Althea Johnson, who wrote the organization’s grant proposal, notes that their most difficult hurdle has been lack of parent involvement. “PTA involvement tends to stop by middle school. I personally have gone to city council meetings and said I want people to support PTA, and if not then donate. This benefits your children. You want them to have good memories of high school. It also doesn’t just benefit your child, but the entire school. If you don’t like what’s going on in your kid’s school community, then volunteer and get involved.” (Althea Johnson) 

Many students in low-income areas, or in cities with large populations, are suffering from a lack of opportunities due to budget cuts on Education funding. This has left many schools with underfunded student activities including (but not limited to); sports, the arts, language classes, etc. These schools rely heavily on parent involvement and yet find themselves pulling teeth to get parents actively participating in the academic lives of their children. While the business of life plays a factor in parent availability, small contributions of time, effort, or donations can take students a long way. PTA/PTSA promotes the promise that we give to children when they come into the world that we will make sure they live a more quality life than we did.

Denbigh PTA members explained that the faces of these children after all their hard work is done is what makes it worthwhile, and they are incredibly proud of what they’ve done this year. These motivated parents accomplished so much with a small handful of people and support from Community Knights, and implore parents everywhere to better invest in the academic lives of their kids. For more info on how you can get involved with your local Parent-Teacher Association, look up yours here.

For more information on Denbigh High’s PTSA, email Ericka Mares at mrs.e.mares@icloud.com