The Menchville High School archery team has been operating continuously since 2007 giving opportunities to a large number of young students to learn the correct and effective technique using the bow and arrow.

This program does not discriminate admitting any type of student regardless of where they or any type of special needs. The main idea they have is to form a large community and family in order to achieve championships.

Community Knights has been for several years the main sponsor of this team providing them with all the necessary materials to practice this sport. The delivery of bows and arrows, as well as custom luggage for the team, are the most valuable items provided by CK Inc. There has been also an important support with the promotion of the Menchville archery program through media and providing other materials such as gloves that have a high value and demand.

The team has been guided by coach Daniel Cerny since 2014, having Mr. Busky as the technical assistant coach. Daniel started participating in the sport four years ago due to the interest that his son had for the sport. Cerny followed classes for the Olympic gold shooting winner Tim Strickland – getting afterwards an official certification to be a coach, therefore sharing his experience with the Menchville boys and girls. Nowadays Daniel seeks to expand around the Hampton Roads with the aim of helping young people to be involved in sports and to prevent young people from entering the dark world of drugs or delinquency.

Today there are 40 active members and they practice at BC Charles Elementary School in Menchville, Newport News three times a week although they are looking for a secondary location for the days when the BC Charles gym is closed.

Cerny has been able to turn his team into one of the best at the state level. This season’s main objectives are to win the city championship on January 25, 2019, in Newport News and qualify for the national championships in Kentucky in May of 2019.