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Directly Benefiting Citizens of the Virginia Peninsula
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GIFT Grant Initiative Fundraising Team
A Bingo Fundraiser

This program currently has community based volunteers supporting our bingo fundraiser. Volunteers come from all over the Virginia Peninsula and work side by side to raise funds that will be utilized to contribute to local 501(c)3s and public school organizations that invest in our community. Quarterly funds raised are placed into a grant pool and these local organizations can apply for grant funds to support the citizens of the Virginia Peninsula. Come join our GIFT team and watch the amazing things that happen in our community as a result.

Grant Application Due

February 28/29
May 31
August 31
November 30

Grant Funds Awarded

2nd Wed. of March
2nd Wed. of June
2nd Wed. of Sept.
2nd Wed. of Dec.

Grant Funds Dispersed

March 31st
June 30th
September 30th
December 31st

Gift Card Fundraiser
Retailer Rebate Program

Gift card Fundraising is a no-selling program that allows families to raise money for their non-profit organization (NPO) by using gift cards to pay for everyday purchases.

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Non-Profit Applicants

We will offer incubation, training and education services to newly formed tax-exempt
entities and organizations seeking to apply for tax-exempt status. Community Knights also offers fundraising assistance and grants to such entities and organizations, particularly those who assist in our bingo games and other fundraising activities. These services are offered free of charge to accepted entities and groups.

Fill out our form to participate in the pilot program for fundraising and grant services offered by Community Knights. In order for an entity or organization to be eligible for Community Knights’ services, it must have or create a program that directly benefits the citizens of the Virginia Peninsula.

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Already in the GIFT Program?

Participating Organizations in the G.I.F.T. Program can login to submit grant requests, closeout past grants to received new funds, and more coming soon.