Weekly Bingo Sessions

Call 757-509-5139 for More Information

  1. Sunday Afternoon Game @ 2pm
    doors open at 12:00
  1. Wednesday Game Starts @ 7pm
    doors open at 5:00pm

House Rules

  1. You must be 16 years or older to play bingo
  2. You must have the last number called to have a valid Bingo orinstant event/dab game, last number called not required on Quickies.
  3. Bingo will not be paid if pack has been split with another player.
  4. Bingo Paper must be marked with dabbers to be valid winners.
  5. Our game prices, rules and prizes are subject to change when necessary.
  6. Absolutely no alcoholic beverages may be brought into the hall.
  7. Pack must be purchased in order to play Specials or Instants.
  8. All Pay-Out Slips, Instants and Door Prizes must be paid on the day of game. They will not be honored at any other time unless a game carries.
  9. Player is responsible for caller hearing them say “BINGO”.
  10. Each progressive bingo jackpot game will begin with a value of $500.00 but a posted ball threshold (max. number of balls to win the jackpot) that is different for each game. If no bingo is called until after the ball threshold is reached, the game will continue for a consolation prize of $100. The unpaid Jackpot value will then increase by $100 and the ball threshold by one number.
  11. Jackpot sales must stop when the first number of that game is called.
  12. If there are multiple winners of the Treasure Chest game all winners will pick numbers out of a bag. The person who draws the highest number ball gets to pick 1 or 2 key(s) from the board. If the player chooses one key & it opens the treasure chest they win the entire amount. If the player chooses 2 keys and one opens the treasure chest they will win half of the amount in the Treasure Chest. When there are multiple winners of the treasure chest game all winnings are split between all winners.
  13. All special raffle games will have rules posted in the hall.
  14. Please Note: This program was prepared in accordance with the code of VA, effective July 1, 1982 and the Charitable Gaming Law, Section 18.2-340.18(4), code of VA Effective October 1,1996 and as subsequently amended.