Welcome to our Community Exchange where you can learn about our GIFT Program participants. The organizations we serve are working hard to help the Peninsula and here you can find their contact information and needs they may have. Some groups may even be able to loan out equipment or space to other groups! Get inspired and help out where you can with supplies or with your time by volunteering for a project. Check out the event section for upcoming activities in the community.

Fear 2 Freedom

Fear 2 Freedom mission is to help restore hope and dignity to survivors of sexual assault while empowering students and communities to combat sexual violence.

Fear 2 Freedom (F2F) was founded in 2011 to raise awareness about the issues of sexual assault while harnessing college students’ desire to change the world. One of our core programs is the Hour 2 Empower Service Event. At this event, Fear 2 Freedom partners universities and colleges with hospitals and community organizations to prov

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January Serda
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Below are the items Fear 2 Freedom needs or has available to give.

Organization Needs:

F2F accepts in-kind donations of new/unused, gender neutral clothing. Gender neutral sweatpants, T-shirts, Boxers, and underwear.

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Donation to our organization

Items available to give by donation or can borrowed

Sometimes people and organizations donate full size toiletries to us. We are unable to use these, and therefore we donate these items to other organizations.

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As a Donation to another organization