Under Development

Designed to identify service gaps within the non-profit sector on the Virginia Peninsula and work collaboratively with key stakeholders to support & nurture the development of new non-profit organizations to strategically fill these gaps.


Developing an ALIGN Strategic Support Team who will be available to work with all non-profits supported by this program.

This Team will include:

  • Leaders from local government
  • Leaders from local school divisions
  • Mentors from Economic Development
  • Mentors from the business community
  • Accountants familiar with non-profits
  • Non-Profit Attorneys
  • Bankers experienced in serving non-profits
  • IT Professionals
  • Marketing Professionals

Work with the ALIGN Strategic Support Team to create local policies that support the growth of innovative non-profits and support community needs.


Create a collaborative office space that will offer a range of office sizes and shared resources to include:

  • Conference Rooms
  • Training Rooms
  • Large Meeting Rooms
  • Facility Coordinator
  • Copy/Scanner/Office Equipment
  • Mail Box
  • Social Kitchen area


  • Work in partnership with Network Peninsula to develop leadership training opportunities for participants in the ALIGN program
  • Develop mentoring opportunities through collaboration with our GIFT program participants
  • Create spaces within our facility that allow ALIGN members to oer training in their areas of strength and specialty

Growth for Non-Profits

  • We will work in collaboration with the Peninsula Charitable Foundation to analyze available data on the non-profit sector and seek out participants who fill service gaps.
  • Develop coalitions of non-profits who serve the same demographic of people and challenge them to work together collaboratively so they can:
    • Use resources more effectively
    • Share in data collection to be more competitive for larger grants to increase the resource pool
    • Include members of the served demographic in problem solving for their community
    • Move the needle on solving the deep systemic problems these underserved demographics of citizens face in our community.
  • Support non-profits selected for the program from business plan development through development of their first program.
  • Access to fundraising through our GIFT program and training programs.