Community Knights Mission and Vision





The Challenge

“Community Knights is committed to identifying the needs of small local nonprofit and public school organizations as well as the populations they serve and finding innovative ways to help them meet these needs collaboratively. We are also dedicated to identifying service gaps for underserved populations within our community and, through the development of a nonprofit incubator, support and educate start up organizations to fill unmet needs within our community.”

The Solution

  • Guiding a person or group from concept to functioning non-profit organization
  • Provide avenues for fundraising to ensure long term sustainability for developing non-profits
  • Provide meeting space for developing non-profits
  • Provide networking opportunities for non-profits
  • Provide fundraising alternatives for small non-profit groups with-in the community and public school systems

$ Invested into Community

# of Grants Awarded

# of Non-Profits Partcipating

# of Community-based Volunteers

Fundraising Opportunities for Non-Profits

Grant Initiative

Grant Initiative Fundraising Team (GIFT), community volunteers work large scale fundraisers to fund a quarterly grant pool. That local 510(c)3 Non-Profit and Public School organizations can apply for grants from that pool to support programs and projects that directly benefit the community of the Virginia Peninsula and its citizens.

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Gift Card Fundraiser

Non Profits purchase gift cards for retailers that send rebates to Community Knights, the rebate money generated goes to Participating Non Profits.

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Are you a Non Profit, interested In Working With Us?