GIFT Program

Grant Initiative Fundraising Team
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Funding Criteria

  • Project/Program must directly benefit citizens of the Virginia Peninsula of Hampton Roads.
  • Project/Program must demonstrate how it sustains or grows the community of the Virginia Peninsula of Hampton Roads.
  • Project/Program must demonstrate best practices in planning and a history of good organization of Project/Program execution. If a first time Project/Program, demonstration of best practices in planning and a follow-up report on the execution is acceptable.
  • Application that demonstrates you are a 501(c)3, or affiliated with a public school and receive a website login to submit a quarterly grant request.
  • To receive quarterly funds organizations need to submit an online Grant Request application.
  • Closeout statements will need to be submitted prior to new funds being dispersed.

Non-Profit Applicants

We will offer incubation, training and education services to newly formed tax-exempt entities and organizations seeking to apply for tax-exempt status. Community Knights also offers fundraising assistance and grants to such entities and organizations. These services are offered free of charge to accepted entities and groups.

Fill out our form to participate in the pilot program for fundraising and grant services offered by Community Knights. In order for an entity or organization to be eligible for Community Knights’ services, it must have or create a program that directly benefits the citizens of the Virginia Peninsula.

About the Fundraiser

GIFT Program is our Grant Initiative Fundraising Team. We welcome volunteers to participate in our large scale fundraisers which fund our grant program. All non-profit 501(c)3s and public school organizations who apply for our quarterly grants must demonstrate who the grant funds will directly benefit the community of the Virginia Peninsula and its citizens.

Grant Application Due

February 28th
May 31st
August 31st
November 30th

Grant Funds Determined

Q1 by March 15th
Q2 by June 15th
Q3 by September 15th
Q4 by December 15th

Grant Funds Available*

March 31st
June 30th
September 30th
December 31st

*Grant fund disbursement is dependent upon Organizations filling out a Closeout Statement for all previous grand funds. Once Closeout Statements are approved by Community Knights new funds are dispersed.

Participants Apply Online